About me :

I received my B.Sc. in Polymer Engineering from Islamic Azad University (IAU)-Mahshahr Branch, Iran. Studying under the supervision of well-educated teachers at IAU gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons in the field of polymeric materials and their properties.

In 2010, I was accepted in Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) for Master’s degree. During that period, I was honored to work with Prof. Rouhollah Bagheri, Dr. Nasrin Etesami as my supervisions and I was stimulated by them to work thoroughly in-depth. My thesis was focused on preparing a biopolymer by grafting of styrene monomer on starch granules by free radical polymerization.

In 2013, after being graduated from IUT, I had the chance of working in Mahd Shimi Mahshahr as a researcher which gave me an ample opportunity to continually enhance my knowledge and practical abilities in the realms of manufacturing bio-composites and extracting nanofibers from natural resources. During that project, I was working with a highly motivated group in the field of polymer science. The goal of our research was producing a biodegradable composite for packaging applications from rPLA and nano-fibers.   

These days, I am working on manufacturing nano-antibacterial bandages from sugarcane bagasse with high wound healing properties. In this project the antibacterial agent is going to be nano-silver particles. This project is being supported by Growth Center of Technology in Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz, Iran.


Educations :

September 2010-January 2013

M.Sc. Polymer Engineering

Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran (www.iut.ac.ir).

GPA: 17.21 out of 20

Thesis title: Investigation of grafting process of styrene monomer on starch granules for preparation of a bioplastic.

Supervisor: Prof. Rouhollah Bagheri, Dr. Nasrin Etesami

Thesis grade: 19.4 out of 20

January 2006-July 2010

B.Sc. Polymer Engineering

University of Mahshahr, Mahshahr, Iran (www.mhriau.ac.ir).

GPA: 17.62 out of 20

Thesis title: The application of neural networks in polymer science.

Supervisor: Dr. Mohsen Masoumi

Thesis grade: 19.5 out of 20

September 2002-June 2005

Diploa in Physics and Mathematics at Sheikh Ansari High School, Ramshir, Iran.
GPA: 16.62 out of 20

Research Interests :

  • Extracting and isolating nanofibers and synthesizing bio-based polymers from natural resource
  • Tissue engineering and wound dressing
  • Manufacturing bio-nanocomposites
  • Polymerization, particularly Free radical and Emulsion polymerization